Breast Augmentation Miami

Introduction to Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast Augmentation Miami surgery is available with and without implants. For patients seeking a more subtle increase in volume, or a correction in slight asymmetry, the Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation technique may be the answer. Patients seeking a more dramatic increase in volume can have a Breast Augmentation with Implants, a surgery which uses prosthetics as a means to increase the volume of the breasts.

Patients from all over the world fly into Miami to have their breast augmentation Miami performed by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.

Not only is Miami considered one of the cosmetic surgery meccas, our year round warm climate make the first few days following plastic surgery that much easier. Without the need for heavy winter clothing, patients don’t need to fumble with heavy garments or blankets to keep warm as they rest up and regain their strength before flying back home for their big reveals.

Surgeons offer up their skills and years of experience to patients seeking to enhance their cleavage. They offer a wide variety of combinations of breast implant types, choices for incision sites, and options for placement making each patient’s breast uniquely tailored to fit their body.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery isn’t for everybody. For those who have made the decision to undergo surgery, we are here to elucidate the different options available to make your surgery a success. Patients seeking to change their breast have often wanted to do so for a major portion of their lives; and the journey leading to surgery day impacts their lifestyles, sometimes for good.

In preparation for most cosmetic surgeries, patients may be advised to lose a little weight, quit smoking, eat healthier diet filled with leafy greens, fresh fruit and lean proteins, and stick to a vitamin regiment. Leading a healthier lifestyle before and after surgery is vital not only to ensure a patient’s safety, but to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. Many patients find themselves wanting to stick to their new, healthier lifestyles beyond recovery.

The main benefit is the major shot of self-confidence most breast surgery patients experience afterwards. After years of wishing for their ‘perfect boobs’ to finally have them makes most patients giddy to go shopping for cute new tops, a new bikini, and new lingerie.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Some patients wish to enlarge an underdeveloped chest or suffer from severe asymmetry of their breasts. Chances are they felt self-conscious since adolescence; a body image issue which somehow seeped into their adult consciousness. Others didn’t experience body image issues growing up; they want breasts that “match their body”. Breast augmentation patients simply want to feel better in their own skin, bathing suits, and everyday clothing.

Patients who are seeking any kind of plastic surgery as a means to change their lives or in order to make someone else happy are NOT considered ideal candidates for breast augmentations. Radically changing the physical appearance of the body is not the ideal way to fix psychological issues, a marriage, or any other major life event.

Each plastic surgeon has different requirements patients must meet in order to be a good candidate for surgery. With the patients’ safety in mind, surgeons may ask for a breast ultrasound or mammogram for patients over age 40, and Electrocardiogram, or EKG testing, for patients over age 50. Surgeons may require patients with certain preexisting conditions to obtain medical clearance from their primary physicians. All patients regardless of age will likely have to submit a full panel of blood work which can be performed by the doctor of your choice or at a blood screening clinic. Testing should be performed within 30 days or less prior to the scheduled surgery date since tests older than 30 days are not admissible. Depending on the finding of the blood panel, surgeons may require additional testing be performed.

The majority of skilled plastic surgeons also have a maximum allowable body mass index, or BMI. Patients who are in the process of losing weight are always advised to reach their goal weight and maintain their weight for a minimum of 3 months prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Fluctuations in weight, especially after any cosmetic procedure which changes the contour of the body, can affect or even reverse the results of a procedure. Major changes in weight also affect the skin laxity, which in the case of breast augmentation may cause implants to droop or sag. Changes in weight more severely affect surgeries where fat grafting and liposuction are used, such as breast reductions and fat grafting breast augmentation.

How does Breast Augmentation surgery work?

mammoplasty before and after miami

mammoplasty miami

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The surgical technique used to successfully carry out a breast augmentation depends on the options the patient has selected. More specifically:

  • Implant composition – Patients must choose whether they want saline or silicone implants. Both have their advantages, and differences. Aside from their aesthetic qualities, choosing between saline and silicone implants will define which incision sites are available for insertion. You can read all about the types of breast implants.
  • Incision Site – Saline implants are inserted empty and filled with sterile saline solution once in place, allowing for more flexibility in the incision site. Patients who choose saline implants can opt for one of the scarless incisions such as through the bellybutton called Transumbilical or TUBA, or through the armpit or Transaxillary. Should a saline implant patient choose to have the incision made somewhere on the breast such as in the inframammary folds beneath the breast, or periareolar incisions, the scars will be significantly smaller since the implant is placed empty. Patients who opt for silicone typically choose to have them placed at the inframamamry fold.
  • Implant Placement - There are several options for implant placement in the chest cavity, each referring to the placement in relation to the pectoralis muscle and the existing breast tissue. Implants placed above the pectoralis muscle right beneath the breast tissue, are placed subglandularly.

Transgender Breast Implants

Since male breast tissue is similar to female breast tissue, the surgical methods used in Transgender Breast Augmentation are identical. Patients who identify as female and are considering a breast augmentation procedure can choose to do so to increase the size, projection, and volume of their natural breasts, as well as enhance their cleavage using any of the techniques describe hereto. A popular part of Gender Reassignment or Gender Confirming Surgeries, the skilled surgeons are well versed in male to female, or MTF, cosmetic procedures.

Recovery at Home

The size of the incision, and the placement of the implant, along with the patient’s lifestyle leading up to surgery all impact how the recovery will go. Patients should adapt a healthier diet in the months leading up to surgery. We also recommend certain vitamin supplements, and get regular exercise. Studies have shown that consistent exercise in the months before surgery can work to hasten recovery time, and will help patients get up and moving around sooner than those who lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Patients in better shape at a stable weight can predict the long term of results of their breast augmentation surgery with greater precision than those whose weight tends to destabilize. The closer the patient is to their ideal weight, the more long-lasting the results of surgery.

Upon waking from breast augmentation surgery, it’s normal to feel fatigue, pain, and soreness. Movements are restricted, so patients in recovery should have someone at home to help with household task, as well as to help patients move around, since the range of motion of the arms is limited in the first week. Patients are advised to gently move their arms to alleviate pain and muscle spasms. Beginning the day of surgery, patients are instructed to walk around ten minutes every hour, which works to alleviate swelling a great deal. After 48 hours patients may shower, taking care not to soak wet the incisions.

All lifting of heavy objects and driving are restricted for the first six weeks after surgery. Surgeons also give precise time frames for vigorous exercise, the use of compression and support garments, even sex following breast augmentation surgery. Post-operative instructions seem excessive to patients at some points, but they exist to ensure the new breasts heal properly, without complications, injuries, or infections. Patients leave the Plastic Surgery operating facility with prescriptions for medications to manage their pain the first few days as well as antibiotics to fight infections. Light, loose fitting clothing should be worn in the days following surgery, putting patients in Miami at a great advantage, since our year-round climate does not call for heavy winter clothing, coats, or cumbersome blankets. Patients should wear two key garments to ensure comfort, saferty, and results following any procedure of the breasts:

  • Post Breast Surgery Compression Wrap
    The chest wrap enhances results while providing comfort to patients following breast surgeries. Providing gentle compression while keeping the bosom supported and in place to aid the recovery process.
  • Seamless Bra
    The Seamless bra keeps breasts stable following breast surgeries. Soft elastic keeps the garment in place, without extra pressure or rubbing over the operated areas and incision sites.
    Some patients buy multiples so they may swap out as soiled garments are being cleaned; especially in the first days after surgery where bleeding is normal.

Risks related to Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Miami

All surgical procedures have inherent risks. Patient safety and comfort are at the top of the priority list, and steps should be taken at every moment leading up to surgery to minimize the risks involved. Some potential risks involved in breast augmentation surgery may include:

  • Implant replacement may be necessary later in life. Some patients find that their implants are intact several years down the line, while others may find their implant has shifted or become damaged, requiring revision surgery.
  • Capsular contracture- Caused by the body’s natural defenses, this immune response causes the pocket or “capsule” around the breast to tighten around the implant, causing the breast to feel firm or hard, to appear collapsed, or raised, and can cause pain in extreme cases.
  • Physical suffering, skin wrinkling, and infection are also risks of having breast augmentation procedures.
  • Risks and complications of surgery are best discussed on a personal basis between the patient and the plastic surgeon. Being honest with the surgeon during pre-operative screening appointments, and following the post-operative instructions to the letter, will greatly diminish the risks involved with breast augmentation Miami.

No matter the reason a person chooses to undergo plastic surgery, one thing is certain: an informed patient is a happy patient. Patients from out of state, especially those in colder climates are also welcome to explore option for breast augmentation in Miami, since our warm climate makes recovery a bit more comfortable.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation Miami

I am not certain about the size of the implant that I want. How do doctors determine the appropriate size?
Doctors always take the patient’s opinion into consideration discussing the hopes for the outcome of surgery. Still, some factors must be taken into account. If the patient wants super large implants, it might not be advisable, with giant breasts come back problems as well. Doctors may show the patient some before and after pictures of patients with similar body types who underwent this procedure. Others recommend something called the rice test. Many women use this test to get an idea of the cup size that will be more suitable and comfortable for her.
I got a breast augmentation about two years ago with the implant below my muscles. Can pregnancy harm my implants?
Pregnancy will not harm the implants. However, the subsequent enlargement and shrinking of the breasts may cause the breast to sag. In order to correct this, the patient might need a breast lift or bigger implants.
Do breast enlargements creams work?
There are no scientific studies that support how effective and safe these creams can be long-term. If you are looking to augment your breasts, implants are a better option.
I would like to know which type of implant feels more natural, saline or silicone based implant?
Both types of implants tend to feel natural. Both are excellent and can give you an equally nice result.
Updated on: February 06, 2017